Thank you for liking my book! Part B coming soon.

I have sold 51 units .. thanks and gratitude. It is just i wrote what i have learnt. That’s why it’s a pocket Book. Part B coming soonπŸ˜€. Thank you and gratitude. One can check the link below if interested. A Pocket Guide to The Human Vertebra : (Part A) Structural Anatomy : ESSENTIAL FACTS…More

The new scare: a thought

We are living in unprecedented times when there is new scare every other day. Human as the species have now become the most vulnerable when compared other species. So is there any threat in real or it is just our FEAR.. False Evidence Appearing Real!! Every creation is started with a thought. Fear itself a…More

Today is World hypertension day!

Non communicable diseases are those diseases which are Chronic and evolve slowly by the time. They are likely to remain in existence unless intervened. Some of the NCDs which are threat to the world and considered as global burden are cancer, stroke, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and diabetes etc.With population of more than 1.2 billion, India…More

Showing my art to the world!

One day i was showing my arts to one of my patients. He said why don’t i try to sale it on NFT. I said i have no idea About it. But he insisted so As on his advice , i opened my account on opensea. I don’t know whether it is upto the mark…More

May is osteoporosis Awareness & Prevention month!

Do you know more than 54 million Americans have low bone mineral density ? The prevalence of osteoporosis increase markedly with age, reflecting the age relate decline in bone mass. This gets aggravated by inadequate calcium and vitamin diet (especially vitamin-D), sedentary lifestyle and quest of menopause in females. Physical activities are also important for…More

How to measure blood pressure without stethoscope!

Rise and fall in the Mercury of sphygmomanometer tells you the blood pressure. The level it start showing rise and fall , this is your first reading. The level at which rise and fall stops, it’s your last reading. More details in the link below..πŸ‘‡More

Compilation of childhood curiosity in a book!

As a child, i always like to learn new things. This book is the glimpse of one of my curiosities when i was a child. Buy this book for your toddlers. Hope you will like it.. Available on special price of $ 0.99 for few days. This enjoyable book packed with amazing images will attract…More

Token of Gratitude!!

It’s an amazing feeling to see your hardwork is appreciated well. Yesterday my book shown among best paid books category and ranked at no. 39. πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί Still lot more to do. If you Still haven’t seen the book, you can click the link below πŸ‘‡ for free preview. If you like the book you can…More